Marek Moczulski

"I know how to quickly build
a company's success and ensure
its sustainable growth."


I am a manager with professional experience in managing enterprises and holdings both on the level of responsibility for a specific function (Director of Finance of Shell Gas, Agros Holding) and in charge of the entire business (President of the Management Board - General Director) Agros Fortuna sp. z o.o., ZPC Mieszko S.A. Since 2014 I have been the President of the Management Board of BAKALLAND S.A. Since 2009, I have also been an independent consultant in the field of business strategies, investment consulting and business processes improvement. I have knowledge and experience in the FMGC sector, with particular emphasis on food and beverages as well as the specifics of service companies manufacturing as commissioned based on B2B contracts. In addition to the food sector, other industries I am well familiar with are, among others, energy, distribution, IT, machine industry, glass production and pharmaceutical industry.

I am not afraid of challenges, I have successfully led companies through restructuring changes and developed them both in terms of market position and value. I have good analytical skills, which, combined with a sense of social situations and the ability to use the principles of cybernetics, allow effective management of the company. I am stubborn and consistent in pursuing my goals, and at the same time I am a pragmatic person. In addition to finance, I perfectly understand marketing techniques, sales tools and the supply chain.


I act according to simple, transparent rules:

  1. I always tell the truth, even the ugliest
  2. I manage through objectives
  3. I listen and talk with employees
  4. I strictly observe the law and good commercial practices
  5. Openness, honesty and reliability - they pay off even if they cost
  6. I allow my people to make mistakes - I do not allow myself to repeat the same mistakes
  7. I react quickly to changing situation
  8. I do not tolerate suboptimization
  9. I am consistent in my actions
  10. Only the right information is useful, both financial as well as market data

04.2014 - present
President of the Management Board
Bakalland S.A.
06.2011 - present
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dom Development S.A.
2009 - present
Independent Consultant
Business Strategies, Investment Consulting and Business Process Improvement
10.2003 - 04.2009
President of the Board and General Director
ZPC Mieszko S.A.
06.2005 - 06.2007
Independent Member of the Supervisory Board
Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A.
03.2000 - 04.2003
President of the Board and General Director
Agros Fortuna Sp. z o.o.
11.1998 - 06.2003
Director of Finance, Member of the Board
Agros Holding S.A.
07.1994 - 03.1998
Director of Finance, Member of the Management Board
Shell Gas Polska
07.1992 - 07.1994
Price Waterhouse
1996 - 1998
University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management
Master of Business Administration
1996 - 1997
The Warsaw School of Economics
Postgraduate managerial studies and financial management
1983 - 1988
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
History and sociology
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Travelling is a great opportunity to get to know another culture and tradition. This knowledge is also valuable to me when I decide to introduce products to foreign markets.

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My parents had a farm, and I made my first money by selling mushrooms grown by them. Thanks to that I am still fond of gardening and have an entrepreneurial flair.

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I studied history and always thought that much could be learned from it. Certain mechanisms of human action have not changed for years and knowing them, facilitates decision making.

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My family allows me to maintain a balance between work and private life. No matter the course of fate in business, I appreciate the fact that I can always come back to my loved ones.